Designed with simplicity in mind

Easy to install, seamlessly integrating into the background of everyday life.

The system

Nectarine Health™ at Home remote care system is built around three main components:

  • A wristband and a plug-in hub and satellites in the wearer’s home.
  • A cloud-based platform where data is analyzed.
  • A mobile app where designated caregivers can access necessary information about their loved ones.
The network ensures the wristband is always within signal while continuously streaming data on the move

Insights powered by artificial intelligence

The Nectarine Health™ at Home care system analyzes the wearer’s patterns of behavior, accurately detecting emergencies and behavioral changes.

Proactive healthcare

Our software uses artificial intelligence (AI) that learns with the wearer, detecting patterns or events that might otherwise go unnoticed.

A split image. On the left, a caring son checking notifications in the Nectarine Health mobile app. On the right, his mum's wrist with an elegant Nectarine Health wristband
Nectarine Health plug-in hub and satellite and two wristbands with discreet care alert buttons

Lightweight and long-lasting

To install the Nectarine Health™ at Home care system, all you need to do is plug in the hub and satellites in power outlets in your home, connect them to WiFi and activate via the app. Our app is available for download via AppStore or Google Play.

The hub and satellites create a self-organizing network and the discreet wristband streams data 24/7. A backup battery ensures the power is uninterrupted.

Current features

The first release of the system will monitor the following events and insights:

  • Automatic fall detection
    Artificial intelligence allows us to accurately identify falls, significantly reducing false alarms.
  • Call for assistance
    A wearer can always call for assistance by pressing the button on the wristband.
  • Basic activity and sleep scores

The future

We are continuously working to develop new insights and event detection algorithms, for example:

  • Automatic out of home detection
    A notification will be sent when the wearer leaves their home and can be specified for particular times of the day.
  • Automatic wristband off detection
    Real-time monitoring requires constant use, so a notification will be sent to caregivers when a wristband is taken off.

We take your privacy seriously

To provide our monitoring service we will collect, store, and use data that is received from your wristband and monitoring devices. The data that we collect is protected with strong encryption and can be anonymized at any time. We use the information purely for processing, delivery, and improvement of our service. Analytical and statistical information is captured to help us increase the accuracy of our artificial intelligence systems.

Internally, only our support team can access details when it’s essential, based on an identified issue.

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