Multiple insights,

one solution


Alerts for caregivers

Nectarine® provides 24 hour remote monitoring with real-time alerts.

Assistance for caregivers

Caregivers can call for support instantly or view the location of those under their care.

Insights for administrators

Administrators can tailor alerts for each wearer, or view the system as a whole.

Proactive healthcare

Our software uses artificial intelligence that learns with the wearer, detecting patterns or events that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Effective, efficient

& respectful

Nectarine® combines unobtrusive and lightweight hardware, artificial intelligence and an easy-to-use app to monitor the acute and subtle changes in a person’s daily routine.


Current features

Nectarine’s® first release currently monitors

the following insights and events:


Alerts for caregivers

  • Automatic fall detection

    • Artificial intelligence allows us to accurately identify falls, significantly reducing false alarms. 

  • Automatic out of area

    • Alerts are sent when a resident leaves a designated area. These alerts can be applied to certain residents and specified for particular times of day.

  • Automatic out of bed

    • Residents with dementia or those at risk of falling often need assistance from the moment they’re out of bed, particularly at night. This feature allows caregivers to respond immediately if there’s a need.

  • Call for assistance (button press)

    • A resident can always call for extra assistance using the button press feature if required.

  • Automatic wristband off detection

    • Real-time monitoring requires constant use; alerts are sent to caregivers whenever a wristband is removed.

  • Automatic wristband offline detection

    • Caregivers receive an alert whenever a wristband goes out of coverage, while our location service always shows the last recorded location of the wearer.


Assistance for caregivers

  • Call for help

    • Whether a caregiver is wearing the clip or browsing the app, they can always call for help from a co-worker.

  • Co-worker event management

    • Co-workers can make notes associated with events, track their location and see whether someone is assisting.

      Once resolved, the caregiver can log the event using predefined labels that allow for synchronised statistics and reviews.

  • Real time location status

    • Through their app, caregivers can see the location of all residents and co-workers, as well as the battery status on a resident’s wristband.

  • Keyless access

    • We can offer integration with digital lock vendors to enable wristbands to function as keycards. This removes the need for co-workers and residents to carry around additional access cards.

  • Instant login

    • The clip allows for quick two-step verification, ensuring security and speed of access.


Insights for administrators

  • Wearer customized functionality

    • Administrators can select the features that apply to different wearers. For example, some may require out-of-bed alerts while others may not. All features can be controlled from the administration portal.

  • Macro level view of residents & caregivers

    • The administration portal provides an overview of the location data for all wristbands and clips.

  • Easy installation & maintenance

    • We have designed an easy to install solution, meaning new sites can be added with ease while the status of existing sites can be viewed through the administration portal.


The future

We are continuously working with our

medical board and focus groups to develop

new insights and event detection algorithms.


Advanced proactive healthcare

From sleep trends to treatment analytics, we are always working with our medical board to develop new insights that can support the work of caregivers.


Enhanced insights & analytics

As Nectarine® develops, we are expending the range of management insights available to help senior living facilities analyse the effectiveness of their care.