Nectarine Health – Intelligent Care

We use innovative technology to help seniors live more fully every day and to give families, caring for their loved ones, peace of mind.

For life-loving independence

For most people age is just a number. We want to give seniors the confidence to live independently at home for longer, without having to compromise their privacy or dignity, feeling safe and secure knowing that if they experience a health issue, help is always near.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

Safe at home

Nectarine Health is an always on, wearable device that helps people live healthier and happier lives at home, every day.

The product includes a discreet, stylish, waterproof wristband, a hub and satellites placed around the home. When needed, the system alerts the carer through an app on their mobile phone.

The system analyses the wearer’s patterns of behaviour in the cloud, accurately detecting emergencies and behavioral changes.

Peace of mind for caregivers

The Nectarine Health system detects if the wearer has had a fall or another incident at home, and provides caregivers with real-time alerts and updates through the mobile app.

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What's in the box?

A discreet, waterproof wristband that streams data 24/7. Up to 12 months of battery life.

Hub and satellites
Plug and play installation and backup batteries.

An easy to use app for real-time alerts and insights

Our mobile app provides 24-hour remote monitoring without compromising the wearer’s privacy. In the event of an issue, caregivers will receive a real-time alert.

Here to make a difference

We’re a people-powered Swedish healthtech company on a mission. We believe that better, more intelligent tools can help society maintain high quality care for its ageing global population, while always maintaining the human touch. Our team consists of a passionate group of international talent, pioneering in hardware, software and machine learning.

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Our story

In 2017, we started out by offering state-of-the-art technology helping assisted living facilities in Sweden to provide more effective and better quality care.

With a growing aging population and a health care system with limited resources, we identified a need to give seniors the confidence to live independently in their own home for longer.

In 2021, we’re proud to be launching our new product to the consumer and their caregivers.


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